Hans Koenen, born 1952, sculpting self-taught

The foundation was laid about 40 years ago. The ultimate challenge to make visual art a daily assignment is of a more recent date.

The life’s journey along drinking water and irrigation projects, bridges, schools and hospitals, especially in Africa and Eastern Europe, has left lasting traces.

The connection with people from the past and now, from there and here are the source of inspiration and the struggle that keeps the artistry going. Every image arises, grows. Sculptures made of bronze or bluestone, or combined, are often realistic or realistic-figurative. Small or large monuments that evoke memories and intimacy or are simply there to embellish the living or working environment.

Exhibitions since 2012, the most recent;


  • Sterksel Strong in Art – 14 and 15 May
  • Art Event, Zonheuvel Doorn estate – Cultural Region 4 to 6 June
  • KunstSchouw 2022, Renesse – ‘t Uus van Bouwman  10 to 19 June
  • Studio route Bernheze Bernheze Art Circle BKK   April 1 to 3
  • De Waranda, Helmond, Horst 7,  27 and 28 August 2022