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Hans Koenen

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Hans Koenen born 1952, sculpting autodidact.

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Hans Koenen

Hans Koenen Sculptures in bronze and stone

Meaningful sculptures with an identity, its own story, a reflection of a dynamic process, beauty and struggle. Large standing sculptures, smaller or wall mounted. Primarily free work but also in commission. His work is found in private and public collections.

Sculptures in bronze or stone, realistic or abstract figurative as a monument with personal significance or to decorate the living spaces for private or business.

Please fill the contact form or call +31 625 2362 94 for additional information concerning:

– Availability of sculptures, or commissioning a work 
– Courses in sculpting 
– Sculptures can also be leased or rented, this is sometimes interesting for companies that choose for original art.

Sculptures in bronze or stone realistic or abstract figurative with personal significance as a monument or to decorate living and working spaces inside or outside for private or business. Please fill the contact form to receive more information on availability and prices of sculptures or to have one made in assignment.
Hans Koenen


Abstract female head sculpture Gleaming goddess`s face indoor or outdoor statue. The Face expresses comfort and relaxation although it is in the middle of the  demanding and sometimes chaotic world (the hair). The sculpture is to  emphasize the growing importance in life of meditation and reflection. The copper wires have been welded internally to the bronze head. The sculpture  is finished with a patina but on request it can be airbrushed in any colour. It has  a stainless steel 10mm bar for standing on its base. 

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